150th Combat Engineer Battalion of WWII
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The 150th Combat Engineer Battalion was formed in New England, back in 1943. Unlike most military groups, it consisted mostly of men drafted in the New England area. They took their Basic Training together at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, and served together during the war. They made the first assault crossings of the Rhine River, and did many other notable things to help us in winning the war. They are one of the few small units that received a Presidential Unit Citation (see bottom of page). They also have one of the few American Soldiers who were awarded the British Medal. (Click here)

Let me introduce myself, I am Rick, my dad Robert Pitts was the battalion electrician, battalionCamera Cartoon photographer, and a reconnaissance scout. To the left is a cartoon drawing of my father during WWII (and what a resemblance too). I am posting pictures from the war, as taken from his camera, as well as others we collected, or have been loaned over the years. There are stories from the troops, daily logs, and much more. Some pages may take a few minutes to load. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your time here.

The former soldiers of this group have formed the 150th Combat Engineer Battalion Association. They have reunions every year. They are held in the spring in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The final formal reunion was held May 11-14, 2005. Their 59th reunion.

farm house dark room This picture is my father in a makeshift darkroom on a farm somewhere in France in Nov. '44. He's developing film of the war, most likely of bridges they were building. This also acted as his sleeping quarters. He's running a roller over the back of pictures. This was the final step in processing pictures. (Click to see a larger view of this picture.)


I am collecting memorabilia from the outfit, and the war. If you have something you do not mind parting with, drop me an E-mail and let me know, or just drop it in the mail to me if it is small. I do not mind paying a token sum for some items, or to have it shipped to me. One of the biggest things I am looking for to add to my collection, is any WWII guns, in any condition. Thanks.


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Basic Training Basic & the mock German Village they built.
Troops  Pictures of the men.
The PTA Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. 
Front Lines   German front lines, bombed out buildings & German Equipment
The Dogs   The dogs and other animals of the 150th 
Miscellaneous  Miscellaneous pictures & USO show page.
Letters, Papers, & Cards  Letters, Fliers, Newspaper Articles,  Christmas and Postcards from the war.
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Reports  Daily history, After Action Reports, History with XII Corps & more of the 150th's Unit Commendations.
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What 56 men gave up for YOUR freedom
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Made In USA

Presidential Unit Citation
Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon
Office of the Commanding General
APO 312, U.S. Army NO. 124
21 AUGUST 1945

      Under the provisions of Section IV, Circular 333, WD, 22 DEC. 43 and 2nd Ind, Hq Third US Army, 3 Aug. 45 to Ltr, HQ 1135 Engr. C Gp, 24 Jun. 45, the 150 Engr. C Bn. is cited for outstanding performance of duty against the enemy from 7 Feb. 45, to 13 Feb., 45, on the Sauer and Our Rivers in Luxembourg and Germany. The 150 Engineer Combat Battalion was assigned the mission of ferrying the assault troops and supplies across the Our River during the 319 Infantry Regiment's assault Troops on the Siegfried Line. Following the attack, which began at 0200, 7 Feb., in the face of withering small arms fire from Pillboxes with heavy Artillery, Mortar and Rocket Fire from the carefully planned positions of the Siegfried Line, this Battalion waged a bitter struggle with the raging torrents of the flooded Our River Repeated efforts were made to construct foot bridges, infantry support bridges, and Treadway bridges. However due to excessively and accurate fire from the fortifications of the Siegfried Line and the torrential water of the Our River, all efforts to construct Bridges or ferries met with complete failure. It was therefore necessary for the 150 Engineer Combat Battalion to rely entirely on the use of assault boats to support the Bridgehead until it could be expanded sufficiently to eliminate the small arms fire and the observed artillery fire upon the only existing Bridge site. On the night of 9 Feb., when it had been decided that additional troops could not be ferried until the 319 Infantry Regiment's bridgehead was further expanded, the 150 Engineer Combat Battalion was given an additional mission of constructing a Treadway bridge over the Sauer River in the vicinity of Dillingen. Despite the mailing casualties and the strain from the continual struggle against the flooded River, and with a spirit of grim determination, the officers and Men of the 150 Engineer Combat Battalion undertook their new mission. Throughout the night of Feb. 9 and the following day, small arms and accurate mortar fire from the Siegfried line repulsed every effort to construct the bridge. Although severely handicapped by the flooded river and the enemy's accurate mortar artillery fire, the battalion was able to complete the bridge on 13 Feb. The admirable spirit and devotion to duty of the gallant officers and men of the 150th Engineer Combat Battalion is in keeping with the highest traditions of the Corps of Engineering.

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