Stories From Members of the 150th

An Odyssey of the 150th Engineer (Combat) Battalion by George Kimball
He Stood Between Me and Death by Bill Morrissey
The War as Seen by One Soldier A Story from Norm Southergill
WWII with the 150th Engineers As I Remember It. By Arthur Boucher
An Odyssey with Patton By Col. Bruce Reagan & Jack Duffy
Action at Nancy By Col. Bruce Reagan
Some Suffer in Survival By Col. Bruce Reagan
Action in Vain- In Lorraine By Col. Bruce Reagan
The Lil Burgermeister By Col. Bruce Reagan
Queen Mary A Trip on the Queen Mary. By Robert Pearl
One Lived and One Died Story of Two Captured Nazi POW's by Robert Pearl
4 Purple Hearts for H&S The day after crossing the Rhine. By Robert Pearl
Czechoslovakia General Vlasov's Army By Robert Pearl
Sergeant Sylvester Szychulski By Robert Pearl
A Night Out By Robert Pearl
S.S. Pontotoc A trip back home after the war. By Norm Channin
Germany Surrenders A Short Story by Norm Channin
The Saga of Jumping Joe About Joe Calve By Col. Bruce Reagan
Stories from Other Outfits

I was a truck Driver for the 1st squad and not very well liked by the officers because I drove to the best place to load or unload the truck making it easier on the men.. but my truck always looked messy and banged up.. did the same in combat and lost three trucks to damage and enemy fire.. The brass had it in for me. So when I got a call from the 1st sergeant to report to the cp at once and in clean uniform (we were on the line for months near Nancy France) Cutty and the guys all pitched in and I had a clean uniform.. I was driven to the CP by the First Sergeant.. reaching the CP the Lt. checked me out and was teaching me how to present arms.. Now I knew I was in trouble again with the brass. The Lt. got the Capt. and he drove me to Battalion Headquarters.. Now I knew I was really in trouble... Upon reaching headquarters I was ushered in the main room and there sat a two or three star general... I almost passed out.. he cleared the room of all officers then came over to me a gave me a bear hug.. He was a buddy of my fathers and told my dad he would give me a hug from my dad. Wow what a surprise.. turns out the general under Ike was his supply officer and asked me what we needed.. I told the General about the L L BEAN boots to keep our feet dry... about two weeks we had the boots and for the whole outfit. The boots became regular issue shortly after..
Jack Copley
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