September 1944

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2 September 1944
Moved to vicinity of Nizeville, West of Verdun, still in support of the 5th Infantry Division. Lt. Pierce and his driver with a platoon of "A" Company serving as security for advance Reconnaissance party establishing forward Corps Headquarters, were missed after enemy elements counterattacked and captured Clermont-in-argonne. Lt. Pierce's driver's body was found, but there was no word from Lt. Pierce--presumed captured.

3 September 1944
No change in location. Patrolled and cleared roads.

4 September 1944
"C" Company secured a Treadway bridge at Bras, North of Verdun; "B" Company alerted to build a bridge across Meuse River at Verdun.

5 September 1944
"A" Company rejoined the Battalion. Road maintenance and repair; started repair on Railroad, Chalon to Verdun, repaired 2 Railroad bridges, demolished by enemy action.

6 September 1944
"A" Company repaired bridge near St. Menehould, and a bridge in Verdun.

7 September 1944
Moved to vicinity of Jarny near Metz. Engineer Reconnaissance carried out and cleared roads of mines and debris.

8 September 1944 "B" and "C" Companies attached to composite task force under Major Slear, Group S-3 with the mission of supporting the 5th Division in a crossing of the Moselle River. "C" Company assigned to assist in assault. "B" Company to construct pontoon bridge when bridge-head established. "C" Company relieved Division Engineers in the vicinity of Dornot, SW of Metz and moved assault boats to water's edge. Poor cover on near shore and every step drew enemy F.A. and small arms fire. Operation of ferrying troops to far shore and casualties to near shore continued all night under intense Mortar, F.A. and small arms fire. Casualties: 3 killed, 12 wounded in action, including Co. Comdr. when Co. C.P. received direct hit. Battalion received orders assigning to XII Corps. Departed less B and "C" Company 2000 for XII Corps HQ. vicinity of Bar-le-Duc.

9 September 1944
Battalion less "B" and "C" Company arrived at Bonnet, South of Bar-Le-Duc at 0500 hours. We were assigned to 1135th Group, supporting the 35th Infantry Division. Moved to assembly area in vicinity of Blonod-Les-Toul, South of Toul. "B" and" C" Companies relieved composite task force 1200 hours and joined Battalion during the night.

10 September 1944
Assigned mission of supporting 35th Infantry Division on assault crossing of Moselle River. Forward C.P. plus companies moved forward to vicinity of Benney, South of Nancy and established liaison with assaulting infantry. Reconnaissance for crossing sites was made.

11 September 1944
"A" and "B" Companies assigned mission of ferrying Infantry across Moselle River. Final assembly area occupied and assault operation began just prior to dawn. A canal and mile carry of assault boats across a swamp added to the normal difficulties of such an operation. In the "A" Company sector a ford was found and ferrying was not necessary. Enemy discovered crossing at dawn after approximately 4 companies had crossed and intense artillery, mortar and small arms fire pinned down those troops on the far shore as well as a number in the swamp between the canal and river. At 1600 the Division committed its reserve; "A" Company ferrying troops across tho miles South of Crevechamps at Newviller-Sur-Moselle; "C" Company constructed a 130' Treadway bridge at the same site. Two Infantry support bridges and one Treadway bridge, all of 21' span, were constructed across the intervening canal during the day. All construction preceded under sporadic F.A. fire. Under cover of darkness "C" Company moved into position and started construction of Treadway bridge at Crevechamps but intense small arms and F.A. fire forced abandonment. "C" Company moved to a site near Newville-Sir-Moselle where small arms fire had been reduced. During the days action at Crevechamps our aid station received a direct hit wounding two men. The aid post changed location three times due to intense barrages from enemy artillery; "B" Company had five men wounded in the crossing and Headquarters suffered one casualty (WIA).

12 September 1944
"C" Company completed 160 foot Treadway bridge under sporadic F.A. fire at 1230 hours. This was the first bridge across the Moselle. "B" Company constructed a 30 foot D/S Bailey across the canal at Crevechamps replacing a Treadway and cleared mines and debris on roads. "A" Company started construction of Treadway bridge at Crevechamps.

13 September 1944
"A" Company completed 372 foot Treadway bridge at 1200 hours. "B" Company retrieved assault bridge and equipment along Moselle River. "C" Company secured bridge and cleared roads of mines and debris.

14 September 1944
Battalion moved across Moselle on 35th Division route of advance to Ferreres, South East of Nancy. Engaged in clearing roads of debris and mines. Engineer Reconnaissance being conducted in sector. Lt. Villadsen led an Infantry squad in an effort to capture bridge intact at Dombasle; effort unsuccessful.

15 September 1944
Battalion moved to bivouac area West of Rosieres in night black-out move. Conducted reconnaissance for bridge site, and assembly area preparatory to assault crossing of Meurthe River. "C" Company moved to Nancy and made initial reconnaissance for bridge near canal.

16 September 1944
"A" Company moved into final assembly area in early hours and at dawn ferried the 137th Infantry Regt. across the Meurthe River and two canals parallel to it in an assault crossing. Fording was possible at St. Nicholas but ferrying was necessary at Lanueveville and Jarville, South East of Nancy. Infantry held on far shore and tanks enveloped by use of bridge at Dombasle. Elements of A and B Companies cleared mines on far shore. "B" Company cleared roads of mines and debris, and "C" Company constructed 70 foot D/S Bailey bridge across canal in East outskirts of Nancy; completed 1230 hours. After the 134th Infantry assaulted river at 1700 hours "C" Company commenced construction of Treadway bridge across Meurthe in Nancy under sporadic sniper, mortar, and F.A. fire.

17 September 1944
"C" Company completed 260 foot Treadway bridge at 1800 hours. Guarded and secured two bridges, slept in German barracks overnight. "A" Company retrieved assault boats, cleared mines and debris from roads. "B" Company repaired roads and bridges. Battalion assigned mission of providing close Engineer support for 4th Armored Division. Departed Rosieres (less one Platoon "C" Company securing bridges and clearing mines in Nancy) and joined 4th Armored Division column vicinity of Koncel at 2300 hours.

18 September 1944
"B" Company assigned and joined South Column, CCB, vicinity Fresnes-En-Saulnois, remainder of Battalion assigned and joined North column; CCB, two miles South of Chateau Salins. North column encountered strong enemy opposition at Chateau Salins. "A" Company removed enemy abatis under sporadic F.A. fire.

19 September 1944
Continued strong resistance in Chateau Salins. "A" Company committed as Infantry protecting west flank. Direct hit on Company C.P. resulted in injury of 1st Sgt. Swetland and 6 other men. South column withdrew before dark and moved to position, vicinity Fresnes with North column. "B" Company repaired timber pile bridge at Pettancourt.

20 September 1944
Entire CCB under sporadic F.A. fire all day. Sgt. Fyrbeck of "A" Company killed by direct hit of 88 in his foxhole. "A" Company had one other man killed and "C" Company had one man wounded in action. Capt. Anderson (S-2) and driver S. Sgt. Snyder failed to return after trip to Group Headquarters. Vehicle recovered next day, so they are presumed to be captured.

21 September 1944
Under sporadic F.A. fire all day. Regrouping, care and cleaning of equipment. "B" Company two men, "C" Company one man, H&S Company one man wounded in action. M/Sgt. Lukens and Battalion Mail Orderly Cpl. Sidarowics started forward in 3/4 ton truck with mail; truck and men haven't been seen since; presumed captured. Enemy all around area.

22 September 1944
Under sporadic F.A. fire all day. Regrouping, care and cleaning of equipment. Cpt. Prior and 3 S-4 men started to Nancy on Route N-74, they ran into enemy road block and had to abandon 2-1/2 ton truck under fire.

23 September 1944
Battalion moved to vicinity Gremacy. Engaged in road maintenance and drainage. Medical Detachment tent hit by shrapnel from German 88.

24 September 1944
Road maintenance and drainage. "B" Company established road block west of Chambrey.

25 September 1944
Relieved from support of 4th armored Division, rejoined 1135th Group in bivouac area, 1 mile south west of Champenoux, providing Engineer support for 35th Division and 4th Armored Division. Companies engaged in maintenance of roads. "B" Company assigned mission of constructing Bailey bridge at Manhoue, 3/4 miles from dug-in enemy positions.

26 September 1944
"B" Company completed 90 foot D/S Bailey at Manhoue at 0845 hours. "A" Company constructed 100 foot T/S Bailey at Pettancourt. "C" Company removed mines and debris on road South from Chatines.

27 September 1944
Enemy overrun road-block West of Chambrey. Squad maintaining road-block plus squad of Infantry put up fierce fight but were forced to withdraw. Three men killed and two wounded in action from "B" Company. Water point at Pettancourt overran and bridge almost captured. "A" Company repaired and maintained roads in vicinity of Remereville and Serres; prepared bridge at Nanhoue for demolition and provided security. "C" Company conducted working reconnaissance of assigned section removing debris and mines from road. Also constructed 45 foot Treadway bridge across La Sielle River, South of Bey. Started preparing 400 yards approaches to same. Harassed by enemy F.A. fire.

28 September 1944
"C" Company prepared approaches to bridge. "B" Company maintained roads at Remereville, Serres, Encourt. "A" Company maintained roads at Moncel, Pettancourt, Gremacy.

29 September 1944
"C" Company developed gravel pit, widened approaches to Treadway bridge, South of Bey, removed debris from N-413, "B" Company maintained roads South of N-74, "A" Company maintained roads North of N-74.

30 September 1944
"C" Company operated gravel pit and maintained roads, "B" Company maintained roads South of N-74. "A" Company maintained roads North of N-74. Replaced 12' Treadway with timber North of Mazerhilles.

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